I am 20. Married to Israel.


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Woody knows what’s up

Might want me to light that for ya, Woody!

Anonymous: How do you deal with losing a friend?! I mean like a friend that won't speak to you anymore. I love following you on insta btw!

How do i deal with it?  I dont know.. I mean at first i get angry because usually i didnt do anything wrong and if i had i usually apologize if i feel i am wrong. Then i try to look at things from their view, then i just try to reason with it. I will either try to talk to them and if they dont want to then i just move on. Yeah i think about friends that im not friends with anymore constantly and wish we could fix things but i mean if they dont want to be friends thats on them. I cant change their minds yunno?

Anonymous: Lol you're on fucknobadtattoos

that’s fine i don’t really care. im sure its my hand tattoo cause the rest are fine. the only reason it looks like super shit is because we stopped being friends before she could finish it. most of her work is actually really good..